Using GIM Traces

GIM Traces offers you various application possibilities.

You can track movement patterns and link them to target group knowledge (Observe & Analyse), as well as identify and question people at the POI (Identify & Ask).

The spectrum of research fields ranges from retail (brand perception, customer journey etc.) and advertising impact to urban mobility and tourism research.

Observe & Analyse

Which target groups do you reach and which not? Who visits your store? With GIM Traces, you can focus on one or several target groups, depending on the question.

GIM Traces precisely describes movement patterns and provides you with information on target groups who visit a specific location (e.g. shops, museums, means of transport).

The starting size is 3,000 panelists, accounting for 90,000 "movement days" in one month and as much as one million after one year. The collected location data is qualified using the GIM database, i.e. coordinates are assigned to specific locations.

More than 900 structural characteristics are available for each panelist – including characteristics concerning sociodemographics, interests and the mindset of the panelists. Furthermore, each panelist is located in the GIM target group approach "Integrated Consumer Understanding" (ICU™). ICU™ enables a holistic consumer understanding (learn more).

Identify & Ask

How does your outdoor advertising contribute to your brand image? What was the motivation of the people visiting your shop? With GIM Traces you can ask target groups specific questions – about their visit to your shop or the way a POI is experienced.

Geofencing makes it possible to conduct surveys in real-life situations at the POI. The surveys are triggered as soon as a panelist has visited predetermined locations. Photos can also be taken as part of the survey.

Additionally, it is possible to identify people who have visited certain POIs and to interview them subsequently. In this way, it can be determined, for example, what influence branch visits or an OOH advertising have on brand relevance and brand image.

Due to the use of beacons, the spatial resolution at the POI is improved and data is presented in a more granular way.

Fields of Research

GIM Traces offers a wide range of application possibilities to different industries: from retail and advertising impact to urban mobility and tourism research.

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Example Cases

Where is my target group? Who is my target group? Who came to my shop and how did they like it? We have prepared example cases for each of these three questions.

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ICU™ Target Group Approach

The GIM target group approach ICU™ ("Integrated Consumer Understanding") models the complex interaction between your target groups and brands. It takes into account  three levels: values, personality and decision-making styles.

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Measuring Technologies

GIM Traces is based on modern measurement technologies. A continuous tracking is performed and permanently registers geo-coordinates. The use of geofencing zones and beacons is also possible.

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