About GIM Traces 

The digital era is changing the consumer. Especially in urban environments, target groups are increasingly on the move. We accompany mobile consumers and explore their behavior.

At the point of interest or on the road: GIM Traces allows us to measure the movement patterns of your target group and survey them. This way, you can find out...

... whether your advertising is noticed,

... who notices your advertising,

... which target groups visit your shop,

... how your shop is perceived,

... or where your target group is.

GIM Traces. Insights from Outside

Target group knowledge + geodata = GIM Traces

The initial size of GIM Traces includes 3,000 panelists. Demography, interests and movement patterns of the panelists can be described and tracked on up to one million movement days per year.

The special feature of GIM Traces: geodata are linked with target group data. Thus, we not only know where panelists are located, but also who they are. In addition, we can identify and specifically question individual persons at the POI directly or, for example, after visiting your shop. 

Cooperation partners

For GIM Traces GIM cooperates with intervista and GapFish, bundling competences from the respective areas:

Bern-based intervista AG exclusively provides its geolocation tracking app "Footprints Research" for the German market.

GapFish GmbH from Berlin has set up the special mobile tracking panel for GIM Traces within its high-quality panel.

The offer thus combines geolocation data of the intervista app with target group-related information from the GapFish panel. GIM also integrates psychographic target group data stemming from its research.

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