ICU target group approach

All GIM Traces panelists are located in the GIM target group approach ICU™ ("Integrated Consumer Understanding"). ICU™ allows for a holistic understanding of the consumer and models the complex interaction between brand and target group.

In contrast to other approaches, ICU™ describes the brand-consumer relationship on three related levels: values, personality and decision-making styles.

The ICU™ Tool Box distinguishes between five segments in value orientation, four temperament types (from the "Major 2" of the "Big 5") and three decision-making styles. Using a differentiated evaluation, ICU™ strengthens the target group-oriented action of brands.


… show the goals of your consumers' actions.

"Touch the mind": capturing the values of your consumers is essential for retaining your target group.


... explains actions in the here and now.

"Get the spirit": an understanding of your customers' personalities is crucial for designing your communication.

Decision-making styles…

... make your customers' actions (more) predictable.

"Design the message": In order to convince your target group, it is important to understand their decision-making styles.